Using experiments to learn about yourself

I love experiments, asking a simple question and then taking action to see what happens. I wonder what my life would look and feel like if I didn’t drink alcohol for 3 months? What if I didn't watch any tv for a week, how would that effect my life and productivity? Would it change anything? Is there a story that I’ve been telling myself that’s based on a perception instead of reality and how can I challenge it?

Experimentation is a fun way to learn about yourself and find out ways that improve your life. There are a million self help books out there saying that if you follow what they say you can improve your life. I like to approach things with an open mind and when I see a strategy or an idea for something that could benefit me what better way to see if it actually works than to try it for a determined period of time.

I remember reading an article about a guy who quit drinking for a year, just to see what his life would be like after a year. Hearing stories like that inspire me, Marie and I both gave up alcohol for three months. This came at a time when I felt like I was drinking a bit too much, and so Marie and I didn't drink from Jan 1,2018 - Apr 1,2018. The result at the end of the experiment was that I felt great, I was exercising more regularly, eating better, my sleep patterns were improved and I didn't think I had any trouble sleeping before the experiment. I saved a butt ton of money not buying alcohol or going out for drinks. This experiment brought me a lot of clarity and even though I continued to socially drink after the experiment I viewed alcohol in a different light and drank less often than before and when I did drink I drank less in one sitting than I normally would. This is just one example of an experiment that has made a big difference in my life.

By setting a certain amount of time for your experiment you don't have to commit to forever, but in my experience once we know better we do better and you wont be able to go back to the way you operated before the experiment. approaching any area of your life with curiosity and a lets see what happens mentally can lead to some of the biggest breakthroughs in life. What would your life be like if you watched less tv? if you worked out for a month straight? if you meditated for 30 days in a row. Experimentation allows you to find out what works for you, to cut through the bullshit and find out for yourself what makes your life better and what things you can do without.

So be willing to look silly, to have your friends question you and be ready for your life to change. It’s one thing to read a book or get advice from someone, when you try that advice and you feel the difference that it makes in your life it’s hard to deny the truth. Try things, and have fun because I truly believe that’s why we’re here.

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