Why Read?

Reading each morning has become one of my vital behaviours, it’s one of the first things I do in my morning routine. Reading is so important because it floods my mind with positive information first thing in the morning and sets up my day with fresh ideas and a positive outlook. For my morning reading I usually choose some form of personal or professional development or non fiction book. I choose topics about things I want to learn about or improve on in my life.

Reading allows us to see perspectives that we don't have access to through our own experiences, it allows us to see the world through eyes other than our own. We can learn new skills and the best trade secrets from our living room before ever having to test things out in the real world. There is time and effort to be saved by not having to learn everything the hard way. Books aren't a substitute for real world experience, but if you can read up on a topic before hand, you will be giving yourself a head start.

“Once you stop learning you start dying.”-Albert Einstein

When we think that we know everything we close ourselves off to new possibilities. Reading is a way to stay open and receive new ideas everyday. Sometimes I read books that I don't completely agree with, but it gives me perspective and often opens my eyes to new ways of thinking. We are surrounded by people that live similar lives to us and share similar beliefs as us, books have shown me things I would have never experienced otherwise.

The genre of “self help” gets a bad wrap and for a long time you wouldn't have caught me dead in the self help section of the books store. That changed when I was introduced to a book called The Compound Effect-by Darren Hardy. My girlfriend had read it and recommended it to me and I continued to put off reading it until the 4th or 5th time she suggested I read it.. So I read it and I was blown away, I couldn't believe I had gone my whole life and never heard these principles .

The Compound Effect was the pandoras box to the personal development world for me. I finished that book and then started reading all types of personal and professional development books in categories like mindset, business, finance, relationship, real estate, etc. There is so much information out there on how to live a better life in every capacity and the only thing holding me back from that information was the taboo of the label “self help”. Self help is such a misnomer, when you seek out the advice of a professional in any category of your life are you really helping yourself? NO, you're being helped by a professional with years of experience on a topic that they have condensed for the ease of your consumption into a book. When we admit to ourselves that we don’t know it all, we can let down our guard and take advice from places we may not have looked before.

Find something that you want to learn about, something you want to get better at, and read a book about it. Once you start I hope it will become an addiction, and that you will fall down the rabbit hole as I have in search of your best life.

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