What you can expect from this blog....

If you’re anything like me, you like knowing what you’re getting into before you commit. So I figured I’d explain a little about what you can find here as I grow this blog weekly.

I started this writing journey to share tips about real estate for those looking to buy or sell, or for those looking to learn more about real estate transactions and the process involved. I also want to use this as a platform for sharing other personal development and money related topics that are not directly related to real estate, but which have helped improve my life immensely. During my transition from working for a large company with a salary to being an independent consultant who's paid solely on commissions, I have learned a lot about myself and have dove into learning about business as well as personal development. I have read extensively on topics ranging from happiness and daily habits to money mindsets and budgeting and I will be sharing about how I've implemented the things I've learned as we go along.

I felt the need to write this explanation because even though the blog has a real estate title, more often than not I will be writing about things that are not directly related to real estate and will hopefully be helpful for you, even if you have no interest in real estate currently. Sharing what I've learned and implemented helps me to work through the things that I'm trying to make better in my own life and often the things that I can now give advice on were not so long ago things that I struggled with.

The last few years have forced me to reflect on my life and what I want out of it. The things that I want to eliminate from my life as well as the new behaviours that will lead me to being a better person. Many of the topics and ideas that I talk about were not initially my own (are any ideas truly original?), but I have learned and implemented and taken and discarded the ideas that work best for my life. If you're interested in living better and improving certain areas of your life, I hope this provides an honest starting point that will direct you towards finding more information for yourself so you, too, can live your best life possible.

For those reading this, I hope the info I share here will be helpful to you no matter your current situation or goals.

To stumbling, learning and growing throughout it all,


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