The 3 things you CAN control when selling your home

There are many factors to take into account when selling your house, however if you do these three things right the rest won't matter nearly as much. The keys to making your house as desirable as possible are pricing, how well it shows, and how easy it is to show. Is your house listed right now and has been for months without any offers, chances are good that one of these areas is preventing it from selling.

Below, are the top THREE things you CAN control

(and therefore should focus on) when selling your house:


Lets start with pricing because it is the most important thing that you can control when it comes to listing and selling your home. We are experiencing a buyers market right now which means that there are way more homes for sale then there are buyers to buy those houses. This makes pricing all the more important, because you're competing to sell your house with all the other houses in your area. If you're looking to buy a house and there are five houses in the area that are comparable and one is priced better than the rest, which one do you think will sell first? It can be tough to look at your house without being biased because of all the memories and sentimentality that comes with living in a place for x amount of years, but we need to be honest with ourselves and realize that those things don't add value to anyone who's looking to buy.

When the market is trending down you want to price there first instead of chasing the market every month and not selling. The first two weeks of your house being on the market are the most important, so don't play the “oh we’ll just price it high and see what happens”. because this doesn't result in your house selling. The closer you price your house to the price it will actually sell at the more money you'll end up with in your pocket. Just because you are asking for a certain price doesn't mean you're going to get that price in your pocket, so look at what the market is doing and price accordingly.


The second thing you can control, and that will result in your house selling is getting it ready to show. Clean the house, get rid of any clutter, store your excess stuff in the garage or somewhere that isn't going to be an eye sore to a potential buyer. First impressions are key, people get a good idea of how they feel about a house the second they walk in the door. Lets make that first impression a good one, deep clean, de-clutter, put out some flowers or air freshener. Most people cant look past the clothes on the floor or the puke green accent wall that seemed like a good idea, even though when they move in those cloths wont be there or that some paint touch ups aren't hard to undertake. The more polished, and organized your house is when a potential buyer walks in the better impression you will have. You don't have to go crazy and reno every room and pay for professional staging, but there is a condition that your home will show best in and you need to get it up to snuff.


The final most important, controllable aspect here is whether or not your home is easy to show (meaning is it available to agents, is it tidy and ready to present at a moments' notice, etc.) It can be inconvenient to have to clean and get the house ready for showings and then leave the house whenever an agent wants to show it, but you need to be flexible. You might say no to a showing because it interferes with your evening plans, and then that potential buyer goes and looks at the house down the block and buys it. The easier your home is to schedule showings for, the more showings you're going to have and the greater the chances your home has of selling.

If you have your house listed right now you know how competitive the market is. As a seller you have to do everything you can to increase the chances of it selling. Whats happening in the market is out of your control, but you can select an aggressive price that will result in your house getting more views, you can stage your home so it shows its best, and you can be open to as many showings as possible. Take the advice of your agent, believe me, they like telling you your house is worth less than you thought it was about as much as you like hearing it. A good agent will tell you honestly where your house needs to be priced to sell, and they should have comparable properties to support this price. Use the resources available to you and control what you can, the market will go up and it will go down market accordingly.

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